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Some Ambient Music for you. File 5 of Five by Crash Continental

Just wanted to do something to show my support for this great product, so I spun up Fruity Loops on the computer and put these five tracks together in an afternoon (not all original content). Sort of in an Electronica/Ambient style, mellow yet contemporary (hopefully). I suggest creating a new voice pack and dumping them in there - but if you decide to overwrite the ones in the default folder PLEASE BACK-UP YOUR FILES FIRST, in case you don't like these ones. They are a bit bassy, so you may want to run them through an EQ program to make them sound more like they're coming out of an airplane PA speaker; up to you.

Hope you enjoy...
- Crash Continental
Author: Crash Continental  |  2005-08-06  |  Users Rating: 7.08/10 (26 votes)    Download

1 results found.

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