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Tools and Doc  Tools and Doc  |  179 - PHP virtual Airline script ver 1.5Hits: 14944   
WARNING, this script is outdated, please see here:

This is the new version of the PHP script READ AT BOTTOM "new version"

Using this script you would be able to import FSP flight to your
SQL database and display them as shown in the "Virtual airline
demo" on this site.

The script remain basic so it's not a pain to tune and modify
and it's also simple to install.

Modifying it you could get cool things as pilot's statistics,
company statistics, you can ignore somes values that FsP export
etc etc... a lot can be done here.

not much improvment since previous version 1.0 but it take care about registerglobal off and magic_quote_gpc Apache parameter, also the help text was a bit improved and some flight provided in a DB to restore with phpMyAdmin for demo purpose.

Happy importing
Author: DanSteph  |  2005-08-05  |  Users Rating: 6.52/10 (60 votes)    Download

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