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Here's a fun thing....

Would you like a James Bond pay-load screen for any default FS2004 stock plane...
Its very easy to use,all you have to do is selected it from the pay-load menu..
Here are just a few samples of what i can do.........


...Just e-mail me which plane you fly (

1......which bond you would like?

2......which villian you would like?

3......which bond girl you would like?

4......which henchman you would like?

5......(optional)..which Q-gadget you would like? (as front cargo)?

6......what you would like as a "center of gravity" in the bond-eye????

.....and i will create a "BOND" pay-load screen for your FS plane....

There are over 22 bond films your characters don't all have to be from the same film!!!!

img img

The download included here is just instructions on how to find out what your
plane is excactly called (very important), how to select the "BOND" pay-load
model.....and a few full size images for you to view......

hope to here from you soon.....

......Please remember if you've download my DC-3 ENTOURAGE update you MUST 1st download the original
package for it to work!! number 1286

Author: carpet dave  |  2007-06-16  |  Users Rating: 2.81/10 (21 votes)    Download

1 results found.

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