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Scenario  Scenario  |  1302 - A Serious MatterHits: 1686   
After flying with an airline for many years the manager decided to split the airline in half, still keeping the original name. You were chosen to be the manager of the other half of the airline. After a year of flying and managing the manager of the other half decided he wanted the whole airline to himself.
Then on Saturday you were flying a normal route when the right engine had to be shut down do to elevated oil temperature. The plane only held cargo and it was you and the first officer. The plane landed safely, then upon further investigation the oil was contaminated. The manager of the other half was found guilty
and ordered to pay you and the first officer $800,000,000. This was not televised nor did it ever reach the public. Needless to say you quit and the manager was replaced. You decided that people should have a safe, affordable way to fly so you started your own airline. You have also flown some very important VIPs
in your flying career and they have made a publicity announcement so your starting reputation is 83%. You must reach 100% reputation, and own 15 aircraft. Status must reach international and have 200+ flights.
You must NOT reach 60% on the reputation, have two or more crashes, and get below $50000000.
Author: Ryan Cmunt  |  2007-06-16  |  Users Rating: 6.83/10 (12 votes)    Download

1 results found.

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